They are represented as tadpole-like symbols, with a bulge at the top for the head and a pointed end for the tail. It's a lot easier socially to be the mother of the child you bear.

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    She was, I was sure, a decent soul at heart.

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    Tonight I made sure my windows were closed and locked when I left my apartment.
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  • Kathandrion was very enthusiastic about it, however, and he hovered over the shop where it was being constructed like a mother hen, and he spent his evenings deeply immersed in the engineers drawings. The survivors must have lost ground and only now, two hundred years later, were moving into late-twentieth- or early-twenty-first-century technology.
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  • Taking advantage of the law that gave rewards to any citizen who apprehended a highwayman, burglar, or deserter, Nick Gentry and his men had established an office in London and set themselves up as professional thief-takers. Waff pitched his voice at a humorously appealing level, cajoling. is not bargaining.

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